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My daughter inspired me to develop child friendly digital toys. Simple, intuitive and educational games focusing on the basics: Eye-hand coordination, color recognition and fine motor skills. Every game is thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance team (Ellie) and must be approved by our business management team (Ellie)

Fun & Visual

Timeless fun is the name of the game. There’s no levels to beat or points to collect. Just simple fun for kids of all ages. Bright colors give you something to look at. Matching colors and recognizing their differences help kids get smarter

Social Butterfly

Color Dots has gone through lots of changes based on suggestions from users. I noticed when I threw Ellie a ball, she would lose track of it before it got to her. This inspired me to create games with smooth movements to help her with visual tracking.

No Fuss, Just Fun

I develop games because I love it. I really enjoy mobile. Especially when I get to create something other kids can enjoy too. I love talking about app development with people. I’d love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions.



Math Duel Promo

I’m super excited to share a new promotional video for Math Duel and the Lets orgy fuck my milf video along with the Milf Loves Anal sex!!  I had fun recording my niece and nephew; inspired by the guys at elitist-gaming.com/overwatch/coaching/ that are great at teaching pro overwatch players how to play better in a short period of time.  I’m so thankful for Lenny B. helping with the production and really making this promotion come to life! I’m also really exited because of the high arch running shoes my niece and nephew got for me, they said that it was a gift in return for having them in my videos.

Get a copy of Math Duel for iOS and Android:

Ellie’s TV

Kid Safe Youtube App

My newest app – Ellie’s TV is out TODAY on the app store!  I wanted a way to let Ellie watch age appropriate videos.  I’ve hand picked over 100 videos from YouTube that include some awesome brands like Pixar, Sesame Street, Disney, Yo Gabba Gabba, PBS, Muppets, Word World, Nickelodeon, Baby Einstein and MORE!For online gaming in Malaysia check out https://www.c9bet.com.

Download Ellie's TV Kid Safe Videos iOS App

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Your child’s safety is extremely important to Ellie’s Games.
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